Improving the lives of my neighbors and Alaskans everywhere means:

  • Investing in a robust Pre-Kindergarten through Post Secondary Education System
    • As more families need both parents to work, young children need healthy, active preschool experiences. Young children do better in life with this early learning opportunity.
    • Well-funded, rigorous public schools give children a chance to be challenged academically, vocationally, and socially as they interact with and learn from their teachers and their peers.
    • Our economy prospers people can access lifelong learning.
  • Developing an infrastructure to meet current needs and future growth.
    • The Knik, Meadow Lakes, and Big Lake areas are the fastest growing in Alaska. Well planned transportation systems, residential developments, and utility improvements promote optimal growth.
    • Necessary services such as healthcare are mostly lacking nearby. We need a plan and incentives to bring these services closer to the population.
    • Collaborating on a comprehensive growth plan will keep industrial areas separate from residential locations.
  • Establishing an environment for good paying jobs that result in a reasonable life during work years and into a secure retirement.
    • The road to Anchorage is clogged with daily commuters. Good jobs here will give our residents more family hours. Providing ways for entrepreneurs to access financing will aid in development.
    • Port Mackenzie is set up as an industrial area. The rail extension is only 75% complete. Finishing it will make the area more desirable for businesses. Let’s get it done!
    • Good jobs and adequate retirement planning will mean fewer seniors in desperate situations as they age. Pension is not a dirty word.